Apartment in Puerto Banus

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Reference : 324-00066P

For Sale 245.000 €
1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Print

Apartment in Puerto Banus

Apartment located on a first line beach development in Puerto Banus. This luxury apartment has been build up from the ground to the highest standards and with a lot of "extra" features. Walking through the new front door, you are walking into this transformed apartment where you find the luxury and fully fitted kitchen which leads you to the living area which is now fully integrated to the terrace. The combined lounge and terrace has "curtain windows" that opens completely, giving you the feeling that your lounge is in the terrace. The spacious bedroom has fitted wardropes and big sliding doors that also opens to the terrace. For the private investor, this is a great investment. With the location, this apartment can be rented out as a hotel apartment. The apartment can sleep upto 4 people. Investor would yield approximate 5% per year of their investment.
The apartment complex has a spacious communal garden and a big pool and and smaller children pool. When you walk through the gate from the complex, you will find yourself just some few steps from the beach and a short walk to the port.