Duplex Penthouse in Golden Mile

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Reference : 324-00043P

For Sale 1.200.000 €
3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Garage Print

Duplex Penthouse in Golden Mile

Unique and spacious three bedroom duplex apartments from 450 to 458 m2 including terraces within walking distance to Puerto Banús and four top golf courses. Beautiful views from our penthouse terraces.
Its architecture is unique and thought for a maximum use of sunlight. For this, all the façades are south facing and all exhibits of each apartment are exterior. The eternal spirit of the Mediterranean which inspired this resort could not forget the integration of ample terraces on all sides of the building, hidden among the vegetation, a pleasant option that can be enjoyed from all rooms since each apartment has a terrace area representing at least about 80% of the domestic living area.
Without sparing with the means in enhancing the comfort of our guests, the offer air conditioning with heat pump and individual temperature control in each room, not to mention the under-floor heating in the bathrooms, the electric shutters, the safety deposit box of latest generation and sensors in all rooms directly connected to the security central, and all controlled and programmable thanks to the domotic system.
The complex is located in the south of Spain, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, in the longed for and stunning town of Marbella.
The complex is just 900 meters from our famous Puerto Banús, with its exclusive boutiques, beautiful beaches and excellent international restaurants.
And just 40 minutes from Malaga International Airport via the AP 7 motorway network or N-340, that allows us to be 2 hours away from almost any European city.