Villas Maria in Los Naranjos.

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For Sale 4.500.000 €
2033 m² 5 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 1 Garage Print

Villas Maria in Los Naranjos.

New brand project of the Banus Group company – Villas Maria and Rosa in Nueva Andalucia in the district of Los Naranjos is presenting today!
Besides the other uniqueness these houses are great examples of how modern design can be integrated into the natural beauty of stunning surrounding landscape.
The actual design of the villas has been created by one of the biggest name in design world on the request of the owner.

The villas are located on the footprint of the golf field as well as just a few minutes away from the shoreline and the famous Puerto Banus. Beautiful sea view is what you can expect.
In this project special attention is paid to the interior decoration and the choice of components. Equipped with indoor and outdoor terrace area with a large garden and swimming pool Infiniti.

These houses have everything you need for a comfortable stay.
On the ground floor is a garage (180 m2), spa center, Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, fitness room, two bedrooms with bathrooms, a laundry area and a storage room. On the first floor (230 m2) there is hall with wardrobe, spacious living room, guest bedroom with bathroom, guest toilet and a fully equipped kitchen with dining area. On the second floor (140 m2) are two bedrooms (master and children’s) with panoramic seaview, each with their own bathrooms.
The last but not the least – houses are equipped by lift & are presenting completely furnished by Italian furniture Smania.