About Us

About Us

Elite real estate, luxury class vehicle rental and a variety of other services of highest quality – all of this and much more is included in the scope of dealership in our company.

The distinguishing feature of Banus Group is our vast experience within the Spanish market. It all started with the successful projects in Costa Blanca in the year 1999, with the construction of a vast number of elite houses. Today, in addition to its representation on the coast of Alicante, the main focal point of the firm is on the Costa del Sol. Since the year 2004, when the Banus Group directed its spotlight on Marbella, the company has built and sold over half a dozen real estate.

What is the secret of success of this dynamically developing company? In addition to our vast experience, it is, of course, our individual approach to each customer. Banus Group participates, without exception, in all real estate exhibitions held in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, where the company agents work on a daily basis.

Specializing in the construction and sale of luxury houses, Banus Group acquires only the best land on the southern Mediterranean, with a developed infrastructure; all of which is in demand on the market.

The firm provides full maintenance of transaction from ordering all the necessary documentation (license, authorization, etc.), including post refurbishing services, consultations and legal services without additional payment.

It is not by chance that after 10 years of working on the Costa del Sol, Banus Group has many clients who enjoy their services at all times.

It is worth to emphasize that the firm has its own architects, designers, and professionals in other areas too, with huge work experience, and has proven itself to the local authorities on the coast.

In addition, the company owns its own construction firm which allows it to offer its customers houses and apartments with a complete cosmetic repair, without any additional cost.

Thus, the buyer receives a house in perfect condition, avoiding additional payment.

It is no coincidence that the services of our company are popular not only in Russia but also in Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries. Banus Group is actively expanding its presence in these European markets.

In addition to building and selling real estate, the company also offers luxury car rental, being not only a monopoly in the sector on the Costa del Sol, but also the number 1 company in Spain. Taking into consideration the fact that in high seasons there is a lack of such cars, the company plans to significantly expand its selection next year.

Besides the office on the Golden Mile of Marbella, another rental office will soon be open in Barcelona.

Banus Group also offers rental of yachts, moored in the port of Puerto Banus. The company’s fleet will also be increased by five units by the next high season.

Another ambitious project of the company includes the opening of a famous global brand in the Banus Club, including a restaurant and a luxury class disco.